We create something different,
because we know better.

SpotCam has years of experience in CCTV industry, SpotCam team members once developed WiFi DVR and NAS type NVR for home and small business surveillance in the past in different companies, but soon realised the right solution for this market will have to shatter the traditional idea about CCTV products. With the development of several complementary technologies and popularity of mobile devices, it became clear that cloud based system combine with mobile device viewing will be the best and most friendly solution for home and small business.

Looking to the future, we know there will be different voice and different request for a better SpotCam solution, and we are ready to continuously improve our solution no matter in hardware and software. 

SpotCam UK has it's own team based on the Hampshire/Berkshire border to handle your orders and enquiries!

SpotCam UK: sales@spotcamuk.com 
SpotCam Head Office: https://www.myspotcam.com/